Wizards of Worrall & the village of Spookiebridge pumpkin trail

Before you begin, we have to provide you with some obvious but essential rules and some electronic map guidance.


1. There is no official route and you have a long period of time to complete the trail(s) to avoid any crowding. The trails can be done completely at your own leisure until midnight on the 31st October.

2. Please be respectful of the pumpkin hosts properties/gardens. Please do not step onto them unless necessary and please do not knock on any doors to “trick or treat”. If you are unable to see the pumpkin letter for a property then please tick the ‘not found’ option.

3. If carrying out the trail after dark then please bring a torch and wear good visibility clothing.

4. Children need to be supervised by an adult at all times.

Map Guidance

On the next page you will find the electronic map. Each host is identified by a pumpkin.

– You can pinch and zoom in/out of the map to see where the pumpkins are.
– Underneath the map is a list of the addresses and at each address there’s a drop down selector allowing you to insert the letter at each stop.
– If you choose to spread the trail out over a number of days, please click the ‘Email Me’ button to record your answers. This page will not save these for you. You will have to insert the collected letters again when you are ready to finish the trail.
– Once you’ve collected all of the letters you will be able to submit your answers which will send you an email allowing you to solve the anagram.
– If you want to complete the trail without finding all of the letters then select the ‘I can’t find the letter’ from the drop down at the addresses that you’ll be missing out.

Let’s get started!