As Supporters of Oughtibridge School (SOS), we are keen to ensure that we can continue to help the school deliver excellent educational experiences to our children. Each year we hold a variety of fundraising events and campaigns to raise money to support the library and to provide WOW days for the students. This year we have the additional challenge of providing these whilst recovering from a global pandemic. We have all endured these last 18 months, but the impact for schools is likely to persist for some time to come. Certain activities remain at higher risk within the school’s current buildings but…………. at SOS we do love it when a plan comes together!! ,

Introducing the SOS Amphitheatre Project 2021

With sponsorship from a local architect’s firm, Paul Testa Architecture, and students from the University of Sheffield, we have been able to visualise our idea to provide school with a place within nature to learn, perform, spectate and relax. This multipurpose Amphitheatre will provide OPS with a comfortable seated area outside to take children to when seated lessons are required. It will also provide an opportunity for parents to once again see their children perform in seasonal plays, music and singing events or sports activities, restoring a valuable part of school life lost during the pandemic.

In addition, it will provide shelter in both hot and wet weather where students or parents can sit in comfort and will provide an ideal base for school assemblies in summer months. Within its design it also features an area for bird watching to enhance the forest school activities. Furthermore, after school activities such as open-air film nights and discos could also be re-established providing opportunities for SOS to raise the much-needed funds to support the amazing WOW days.

How can you help

We are now looking for your help to make this idea become a reality. Are you, or do you know, a local firm that could provide us with a competitive quote to deliver this plan involving ground work, landscaping and building of the structure? If so, please get in touch using the form below,

    We need multiple competitive quotes to be able to begin the process of fundraising to support the project.

    If you are not in the trades, but would like to support in other ways, we are always keen to hear from volunteers. The Amphitheatre project will be the focal point of fundraising for SOS over the coming months, if you have ideas, please let us know or share our plans with friends and families, we have set up a donation page if anyone wishes to contribute and watch this space – the totaliser is coming your way!

    Of course, SOS will continue to fundraise to support the library and WOW Days for all year groups, with anything extra raised going towards the amphitheatre.

    Go on, have a think – how can you get involved?

    The SOS committee